Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question please get in touch with us via Email.


No. We issue a full list of materials needed. These are the basic tools required to complete your artwork in the course and you will be required to bring these yourself. We do supply the paper/surface you will be working on. If there is a material that you can not find, just let us know and we will have it available at the workshop.
No but we help you finding a stay. For the 1 week workshop we ask everyone to stay at the same hotel so that we can organize a transfer to and from the studio. Plus we found it the most fun when the students stay together outside of the workshop. Many longterm friendships have been made all around the world! For the 2 and 4 week workshop we recommend a more inexpensive accommodation in a nearby hotel. Please visit thetravel pagefor some recommendations.
The normal visa requirements for travel according to your country of citizenship applies for your visit. Please make sure you have a visa (if needed) before registering for a workshop. We do not accept registrations without it as that caused to a lot of problems in the past.
We are here to teach you methods you can use for every drawing you create after the course has ended. If you find that you are not happy with you’re work while here then there will be many opportunities during the course for you to get advice and to make alterations to your picture thereby not only, hopefully, altering your feelings about the piece you are making here but also giving you the significant skills required to make such alterations to your pieces in the future.
No. We do not spray the graphite drawings. To help protect your artwork during your journey home please bring a portfolio to store your drawing in.
We do not supply food and drink. We advise that you bring your own food and drink to the course. A kettle is available to boil water. There is a delivery service for phone orders near by where we order our lunch typically.
Yes, each attendant gets a certificate after the workshop.
The course is taught in both German and English.
We all work from the same photo that will be provided (except for the Masterpiece Workshop). Every single step will be demonstrated and all the techniques explained in depth. We wait for every student to finish the steps before teaching and demonstrating the next one. If you already have been to oneof the workshops you are free to bring your own photo and drawing to work from, and you will be assisted with guidance and advices.
Of course you can travel with friends and family but we do not allow those to attend the workshop. But we are happy to meet them during lunch or after hours.
Atelier Dzimirsky - Schamerloh 84 - 31606 Warmsen, Germany.
For the time being there are no further workshops planned outside of the Atelier in Germany.
Photos are allowed but filming is prohibited.
Up to 4 weeks before the workshop start you can cancel the workshop by paying a 50 Euro fee. After 4 weeks prior to the workshop start you can not cancel anymore. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you get a course cancellation insurance that pays the workshop costs if you can not attend unexpectedly.If you can not find such an insurance in your country you could try a german company like HanseMerkur or Erv Reisevericherung.