Gallery Album with former Students' Artworks

Students' Artworks

Here are examples of students' works that they created after attending a workshop or during a workshop.
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The course curriculum included graphing for proper proportions, effective production of skin texture through developing an effective middle tone, concentration on individual facial anatomical parts and the application of correct values in relation to the source photo. At the culmination of the course the improvements in student drawing skills was most evident. I would highly recommend this event for anyone who is looking to experience, not only the best in drawing technique education, but also a most sensational environment to experience such in.

- Martin Olson

Dirk’s daily lessons were clear, well-organized, easy to understand, and most importantly extremely effective. He used just the right balance of technique and theory so that even after returning home, I continue to use the knowledge I gained from him in every piece I create, which I'm happy to say is on a daily basis. When people look at the drawings I've done since returning from Dirk’s seminar and find out that they are graphite and not photos, they think it's some kind of magic!
To my surprise, the group that came to learn from Dirk was not only full of artists, but also full of other polymaths, so it turned out to be a great way to meet kindred spirits who would otherwise be scattered across the globe. In addition to learning how to draw people in a way that makes people ooh and ah, bringing what had been impossible to me into a consistent, tangible reality - for which I am deeply grateful - Dirk Dzimirsky’s seminar was also a great launching off point for learning how to paint realistically. My next goal (as I continue to work in graphite, of course) is hyper-realism in painting, and I have no doubt that Dirk’s teaching has cut years off of my learning curve.

- Teresa Bolen