What is the Online Artist Mentoring Program?

The Online Artist Mentoring Program is not an online course. It is an individual study program for beginning artists with Dirk as a personal tutor. He not only teaches his drawing techniques from ground on but also assists you finding your own artistic voice within the representational art and coaches you to become a full-time artist. Dirk gives critical feedback on your work, insights into the art industry, answers any queries and much more. All to help you become the artist you always dreamed to be. Check out the FAQ page if you have further questions or drop us an email.

What You Get:

  • Personal assignments every week
  • 45 minutes video chat with Dirk every week
  • Access to the private students' forum
  • Reply to your questions within 48 hours
  • Your own forum channel to communicate with Dirk
  • Video lessons and demonstrations
  • Learn Dirk's drawing techniques for hyperrealism
  • Individually tailored program
  • Flexible, supportive and enjoyable personal creative development
  • Professional references images to work from

Is It for You?

  • Your main artistic focus is drawing
  • You want to become a professional full-time artist or want to work in the art field as an illustrator or an art teacher etc.
  • You don't want to just copy another artist or style but rather want to find your own personal artistic voice
  • You want guidance along the way growing as an artist and dealing with the art business
  • You are committed and dedicated for long term learning and practicing

When is This Not for You?

  • You only want to do art as a hobby
  • You want to copy other artists or only want to learn certain drawing techniques
  • Practicing is something you do not enjoy
  • You are still unsure if art or drawing is for you after all
  • You find it hard to stick to long-term goals and give up easily
Hyperrealistic online mentoring program

Topics that will be covered within the program

Dirk will discuss your current standing, your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals in order to come up with the best way to teach you the techniqual skills and to achieve your creative goals. The topics covered will vary depending on your needs.

Essential Skills and Information

  • Material for graphite and charcoal drawings
  • Preparing canvases for charcoal drawings
  • Shading techniques
  • Blending techniques
  • Line quality
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Pencil control
  • Excersices to improve your artistic view
  • Identifying tonal values
  • Using a sketchbook
  • Ways to boost your creativity

Advanced Techniques and Concepts

  • Working from mid towards light and shadow to create forms
  • Creating textures
  • Adding details
  • Tonal accents
  • Creating depth and atmosphere
  • Achieving a three dimensional look
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Render basic to complex forms
  • Principles of composition
  • Enhancing the illusion of volume annd space
  • Spatial thinking and visualization
  • Drawing facial features
  • Drawing hyperrealistic portraits
  • Drawing hyperrealistic still life
  • Creating your own body of works

Further Knowledge and Insights

  • Art business
  • Preparing for gallery representation
  • Aproaching galleries
  • How to get published
  • Building a résumé
  • Becoming your own brand
  • Taking your own photo references
  • Using photoshop for your art

And many more...