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Study At Our Academy (STARTING EARLY 2021)

Our Academy will open its door early 2021 for full and part-time students that want to focus on drawing as their main mean of artistic expression. D.R.A.M.A.’s Core-Program is for aspiring creatives wanting to dedicate full-time to their artistic pursuit. Our curriculum is designed to give artist the necessary skills to manifest anything the can imagine not matter the medium. Dirk and Rodney will guide you through our rigorous skill-based training exercises in fundamental to advance techniques in realism, with an intimate knowledge of light and form. The first year is a drawing program, second year is the mastery-program where develop a body of work that communicates your aesthetic voice.

Hyperrealistic online mentoring program

Topics that will be covered within our program:

Understand Your Materials: We start with an introduction to your materials and why we employ these techniques. The first few exercises will guide you through a visual understanding of how to employ the proper techniques of your visual vocabulary. From gripping a pencil to executing a confident line, this introduction lays the groundwork for a thorough understanding of draftsmanship, perceptual mechanisms, and effective problem solving


The Communication of Light and Form: Investigating fundamental forms such as spheres, cylinders, cones, and cubes, the artist learns how visually communicate their knowledge. Carefully executed repetition exercises intimately familiarize the artist with an extensive understanding of light and form. With this knowledge the artist is able to visual connect with the viewer.


Advanced Techniques: The section consists of what we call the end game where we explore complex concepts of visual communication with the aim of producing masterfully performed artwork capable of successfully navigating a creative career.


The artists that garner the most from this type of training system are defined by a drive and determination that is essential to meet the program's many meticulous and painstaking challenges. To be excepted into our core-program, artists must apply through an online application and interviews: a dedicated work ethic, and genuine desire to learn.

- Dirk & Rodney

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